Friday, November 23, 2012

Robert, the Onion Ghillie

I have met Robert several times while walking the lane that runs between Barleytown and Boggy Meadow in Minglemist.  He works for an onion farmer and sells onions to whoever will buy them.  His business would probably pick up if he took a bath once in awhile.  He smells rather, well, oniony, and is always followed by a swarm of flies.  His voice is high and crackly, like a baby crow's, and though his life doesn't seem particularly comfortable, he is usually smiling.  Except when he's moping about Mairgrit, the snooty crabapple fairy.  She's very beautiful but she snubs poor Robert most of the time.  Occasionally she'll condescend to dance with him at parties on the green, and then he's over the moon happy for a day or two, flying down the lane with his onions bouncing like ping pongs.  I will try to get a painting done of Mairgrit, though I don't often see her.  T. P. doesn't want me going to Boggy Meadow.  He says it's a quagmire of shady characters, and quite dangerous.  But Mairgrit hangs out in a crabapple tree not far from where we're staying at 4 Sparrow Lane, Barleytown, so I'll get some sketches done if she'll allow it.  More soon!

Yours Truely,
Madeline Brown

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