Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Every Tale must have it's Villain

Dragunculus chimera:  The Undragon
I can hardly bring myself to describe this creature.  I had nightmares last night remembering those terrifying red eyes, the raspy voice, the black, coiling smoke that serves as its body.  A chimera dragon accosted me in the North Woods while I was on a field trip with T. P.  I was already in a strange frame of mind.  The air in the North Woods carries more than the scent of pine and leaf mould.  Old secrets and spells float in it.  Fragments of music leave you straining to hear more.  Was that a flute or only a creaking tree branch?  Snatches of verse startle you, the words painting pictures in your mind of black-haired men racing through the woods on pale horses and old women mumbling over kettles.  One minute you feel giddy, with wild laughter bubbling up in your throat; you snort and compress your lips trying to contain it because there's nothing funny at all.  The next minute darkness descends and your heart is breaking with loss and sorrow.  A sob escapes and the breeze cries with you - or is it only a bird calling?

But back to the Chimera.  T. P. and I were on our way to the royal House of Carrilon, one of the elven holdings, to see the beautiful fingold dragons the elves raise.  Two elf men were escorting us on horseback, one carrying me behind him and the other carrying T. P., with our pack pony following.  In the dim light of the forest I saw a black coil of smoke appear, and above it a ghastly head with glowing red eyes.  Those eyes stared directly at me, into me, and the air rushed out of my lungs.  My heart constricted, my muscles turned to lead.  Without thinking I threw myself off the horse and ran, crashing through the undergrowth, tearing my clothes.  The chimera gave chase, wailing and hissing and shrieking with unearthly laughter.  I ran until I could no longer breathe, then, sure I was dying, fell to the ground and fainted.  But the elves saved me, and I learned from them you must never run from a chimera.  It makes them grow stronger, and the fear of them drives you mad.  I'm stopping this letter here, because the memories are too strong.  But questions remain: why did the chimera come after me?  Will it happen again???? 

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