Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Grass Fleas of Minglemist

Yesterday another letter arrived from Minglemist.  This one was shoved under a corner of the doormat.  I'd like to see who delivers them, but haven't caught anyone in the act yet.  Here is the latest post in Madeline Brown's journal:
Hardly dragons, of course, but I have to add grass fleas to my journal of Minglemistian fauna.  About the size of an apricot, they're not much more than clumps of moss and leaves with stick legs.  You can't walk across a lawn or meadow in Minglemist without scaring up swarms of them.  They're extremely excitable and any sudden movement or loud noise raises a frenzy of giggles, chortles and squeaks as they go springing off in all directions, turning somersaults, bumping into each other, falling down, waving their legs in the air.  They act like drunkards, and I wonder if they've been sipping barnicane juice.  Barnicanes are small fruits that fizz and pop on the tongue and can be intoxicating if you eat too many.  An old man sells the juice at the Barleytown market, warning his customers to handle the jugs with care, else they can explode.  I've never observed grass fleas eating anything, though sometimes they have purplish stains around their mouths.  This supports my barnicane juice theory, but how they get ahold of it is anyone's guess.  T. P. says he bets they're eating fermented dewberries which are ripening now along the lane.  I've tried to communicate with them but it's hopeless.  I don't think they have much of a brain.  All I can get out of them is clicks, squeals and giggles.  They act like I'm the most hilarious creature they've ever seen, and pull my hair if I lie in the grass.
Yours truly,
Madeline Brown

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  1. How fun it must be in your mind. Thanks for the delightful tour. Hugs